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English MIUI 12 OS Hands On: BEST EVER!

 Hey what’s up, GChere. Xiaomi has just announced its newest OS: MIUI 12. Right now, seems there is no "real English" hands on blog on this OS. While for me, I got the Chinese beta version of the MIUI12 on my Mi 9 phone for several days and for this video I set the language to English, so it’s sort of an English hands on blog? Anyway, let’s break down the new features of MIUI 12. So first I wanna show you is the Super Wallpapers.

I’ve already set the phone to Always-on Display mode, so when I lock the phone, it will enter this interface, when I press the power button and then unlock Wow! Check out the animations It’s so smooth and soothing I can literally play this all day long. Right now, there are only two Super Wallpapers available: Mars and Earth, maybe there will be more later. The reason why Super Wallpapers look awesome is that Xiaomi has pre-created high-precision animated 3D models of Mars and Earth based on space data from NASA, thumbs up for that. Next I wanna show you is the new animations they’ve added to MIUI12. There are really a lot. What I really like is what they called new “Sensory Visual Design.” What this basically means is that now when you visit the Settings page on your phone or check out things like storage availability, you will see the system information presented in the form of graphs and visual diagrams, making it easier to understand which is which. When I move the phone, you see this storage icon flows like a cup of water, it’s even gravity sensing.

Another thing worth mentioning is the icon animation. Let me swipe down on the MIUI12 and compare with MIUI11, you see on the MIUI12 the icons kind of bouncing back a bit before settling down. Also for the single app icon it will now generate real-time feedback based on your gestures.
For instance, when you delete an app, the ripple animation will also affect the surrounding app icons, but according to our test, this does not apply to other third-party apps, only on apps that come with the system. Also when you exit an app, the app itself has this cool animation accordingly, this is not something new, but I feel much smoother on the MIUI12.

 Another new animation I have to mention is what I called the Frame Matching. Just check out the corner, when you swipe up or down you can see this page’s corner is gradually matching perfectly to your phone corner. If you compare with other phones like Samsung, it doesn’t match the phone’s hardware frame at all when you swipe up or down. Surely there are more new animations like for screen rotation, buttons those. Xiaomi said they’ve put numerous efforts on optimizing these details. In my opinion, they may look unnoted but is really crucial for a smoother and better user experience. What do you think? For multi-tasking, this is a really cool and new feature.

Basically, when you are in the middle of something and someone send you a message, you can now swipe down on the notification panel to check the information without having to abandon what you’re doing. You can also move the panel to other four corners you like. If you want to enter the full screen, then fully swipe down the panel again. Amazing, isn’t it? This is really useful in many scenarios like you are taking an uber or ordering a take-out, you will know the real-time status of them while you are doing other tasks on your phone.

For Health tracking, it’s unbelievable. You can just put your phone on your beside table when you are sleeping, then it will be able to track your sleep like how long you’ve slept, when you go to bed and when you wake up, deep sleep and light sleep duration, and even record your snoring and talking. Really? I snored that much? Oh my poor wife! f you ask me the accuracy of the data, I would say it’s not bad but not very accurate either. Of course, you can record your steps, calories and workouts by just placing your Xiaomi phone in your pocket. Now move to the last but not least feature: AI Calling. Actually, Xiaomi has been training its AI assistant — Xiao AI — to answer calls for users since last year and as of now, the Xiao Ai assistant has answered 4 million calls for closed beta users. It’s similar to Google’s Call Screening feature, not sure if you are familiar with that. With AI Calling, you can customize the language in which you want your call to be answered.

 You can also switch between automatic or manual call answering. And sorry guys I just tried English but it doesn’t work. I guess it’s bc of my MIUI12 is not the global version or this feature is not available yet for non Chinese speakers? I don’t know. Anyway, it’s a cool feature and can be applied to many situations like dealing with call spammers or when you are not convenient to answer a call and can be extremely useful to those hearing or speech-impaired person. Alright, that’s the video. Surely there are lots of other important updates of MIUI12 I didn’t mention like the privacy update and some new gestures those. If you wanna see more of that, please subscribe to our channel by clicking right here. We'll update more when we know more. And what’s your favorite new features of the MIUI12? Let us know by commenting below. I'm GC, see you next time. 


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