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Xiaomi Mi 10 PRO - Review with Photo + Video + Audio + 5G!

Hey what's up it's GC for Xiaomify, and you've seen the title... so you know I've got Xiaomi's all new Mi 10 Pro right here. so let's try out the 5G, let's try out the camera and let's see how good it really is! -Let's go! So, here I've got the Mi 10 Pro thatXiaomi recently announced. Not only is the phone marking Xiaomi's 10 year anniversary, it's also been given the number one smartphone camera rating onDxO mark, and it's got the number one on DxO in smartphone audio.

So let's have a look at the specs. The device is 162 by 74 millimeters in size, little less than 9 millimeters thick, weighing in at about 200 grams. On the inside it's got a 4500 milliamp hour battery that supports 65 wattsridiculously fast charging and it's got QI wireless charging that supports 30 watts Qi charging, with reverse charging allowing you to charge another phone. It's the first phone launched with the all-new snapdragon 865 processor with either 8 or 12 gigs of ram and 256 or 512 gigs of storage. On the front it's got a 6.67" AMOLED display with a 90 Hertz refresh rate. It's got a full HD+ resolution.

This screen is slightly curved like we've seen recently with the Mi Note 10, and in this display, you'll find a very small selfie camera that shoots20-megapixel photos and HD videos and it's also used for 2D faceunlocking. it's got an in-screen fingerprint scanner that seems to work really really well, and so far hasn't failed me a single time. On the bottom of the phone Xiaomi did didge the headphone jack in favor of USB-C that is alsoused for data transfer and charging. - Here you'll also find it's SIM card slot. The Mi 10 offers a dual audio speaker system with really good sounding stereo audio. With a speaker on the bottom and on the top. And on the top you'll also find theIR blaster allowing you to set the phone to be used as a remote controller. It comes with Wi-Fi 6 that supports the latest Wi-Fi bands, it's got bluetooth 5.1, it'sgot NFC and it supports 5g. On the back, it's got a four-camera setup with a 108-megapixel main camera, a 20-megapixel ultra-wide angle lens, a 12-megapixel portrait lens with two-times optical zoom and an eight megapixels super-telephoto lens that gives you five times optical zoom. But there's more... On the video side of things, the Mi 10 Pro shoots at 8k at 30 frames per second. yes that's 8k. And it can also shoot 4kup to 60 frames per second which is stabilized and HD up to 60 frames persecond which is extremely stabilized footage. so my first impression is thatthe phone feels nice in hand when I compare  that with the Mi Note 10 right here Iactually favor the Mi 10. In daily use it also feels quite a bit faster than the Mi Note 10 as well. The Mi 10 also runs MIUI 11, with all the things that we are probably familiar with by now. You can really tell the difference that thissnapdragon 865 is giving it, not only with playing games but also really whentaking pictures Where the Mi Note 10 needs a few seconds to process a 108megapixel image the Mi 10 does this instantly. So now for the camera. -I've been walking around with this phone for the last few days and it is impressive! I've been shooting around the bund here in Shanghai which really had somepost-apocalyptic sceneries because of the Covid-19 virus, so everybody'sstaying indoors as you can see here in the images, and it's got some really really cool results. The photos taken with the 108 megapixel main camera come out really nice. you can zoom in to those extremely well and they have a ton of detail. I did have two photos where the white balance was slightly off but I believe that's actually fixed with an update that I've just installed a few minutes ago. The photos with the super wide angle lens come out looking very good as well. You can see there is a little bit more software sharpening going on with these, but it's not to say that they look bad though... the two times optical zoom lens, also used for portrait images, gives some really good results. It kind of feels like shooting with a 50 millimeter lens and I I notice myself using this one quite often,and with good results. The five times zoom lens has abit more sharpening going on as well but it actually is a pretty decent lens. -Especially when there's enough light, it gave me some very good results

 So, here's a picture I've taken with the ultra wide-angle, the regular lens, the two times zoom lens, and the five times zoom lens. It does allow you to go all the way up to 50 times digital zoom so here is 10 times zoom, 20 times zoom, and beyond that it kind of really does get a bit silly. This is zoomed in all the way to 50 times and that image is not really that usable although it is possible... The 8K video is also just crazy. -It'smind-blowing. I mean the shots that I've taken with it come out looking very good but the file size of these is huge and not every computer will be able to process these properly. Nonetheless, the video does look very good and for those that want 8K video on a phone, well it is here! Additionally you can shoot 4k whichlooks very well and really well stabilized so you probably might want tojust jump on 4k for most of the time. There's also the option to get ultrastabilized footage which will be recorded in HD but is crazy stabilized. Also the selfie video looks very good and crisp. here I've tried vlogging withthis on the bund. So, on to the audio, as that's also beengreatly improved on the Mi 10. so here's what music sounds like and this is what it sounds like on theMi9 so you can hear it's really quite impressive with the Mi10. And here's an audio recording that I've made with the voice recorder on the Mi 10. and that also comes out very nice. The only comment I have about the voice recording is that it seems to be panned more to the left but I'll try it out in the next few days and I'll come back on that in my next video. And last but not least there's 5g. So I've put in my SIM card for the last few days while testing and I've been using it with 5g here in Shanghai. I got up to 525 Mbps download and around 35 Mbps upload speeds and it seems to be reallydepending on which district I'm in. But, anyway, 5g is here. And even at 525 Mbps it is already ridiculously fast. So what are my first thoughts on the Mi 10 Pro? well first of all I like it. A lot! I really like the camera with the 108megapixel main sensor, even though I do have that on the Mi Note 10 as well it is slightly better on the Mi 10. And that's not even its best feature. I love that it's got a snapdragon 865. It's really fast, it's really snappy. The screen is also a big improvement with that 90 Hertz refresh rate on the AMOLED display. I'm a big fan of Qi charging and even though it should kind of be a standard on every phone I feel, not every Xiaomi phone has it so I'm glad that they didadd it to this flagship. The insanely fast 60 watts charging sounds really amazing. I'm really looking forward to try it out but I will have to wait a few weeks for the 60 watts charger so I haven't really been able to try it out. This was the first time I could actually use 5g and so far it is impressive. So I'm very happy to see 5g on the phone. And the audio sounds really impressive. and it'sreally not justified in my recording in this review but I'm doingstereo recording for my next video so you will really get to kind ofexperience what it's like.

The 8K video is very cool but I will have to playaround with that in the next few days for the photo video and audio reviewthat I'm planning to do. -So stay tuned for that I am however slightlydisappointed with the battery even though it is a 4500 milliamp hourbattery which is a huge improvement over 3300 mAh battery found in the Mi 9, but itis a bit smaller than the 5260(!) mAh battery in the Mi Note 10 -which I'vereally gotten used to. But in Xiaomi's defense I think some battery space wascompromised to be able to get the Qi charger in there. So yeah, I kind of want that too. In China the Mi 10 Pro came out inthe xiaomi store starting at 5000 RMB for the entry-level and 6000 RMB forthe 12 gig ram and 512 gigs of storage which is around 714 US dollars or 650euros for the base model and 850 USD or 780 EUR for the fully spec'd model. The regular version, called the Mi 10 will also be released this weekstarting at 4000 RMB, which is around 570 USD or 520 Euros. It's not been released in Europe yet so I am not entirely sure what the retail price will be in other countries though.

 I know it is a little bit moreexpensive than what you're used to from Xiaomi but I think that they have reallyoutdone themselves with the specs on this phone and if you want a slightlycheaper fund and look at the Mi Note 10 for example. So what do you guys think ofthe Mi 10 Pro? Let me know in the comment section down below what your thoughts are and if you have any questions be sure to drop them down below as well ,so I might answer the most asked questions in my upcoming full review of the camera and audio of the Mi 10 Pro. So don't forget to subscribe the website if you have not done that yet , so you'll be the first to know whenever I post a new video. As always, thank you guys for reading and I hope to see y'all soon. peace 


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